viernes, 12 de enero de 2007

Construction changes for El Caracol condos

By Jesus Ibarra


The president of the Architects Association of San Miguel, Raúl Barrera, spoke with Atención San Miguel about the alterations to the façade and height of the El Caracol condos. At press time, the developers had not definitively accepted the changes.

Jesús Ibarra: What kinds of changes are being made to El Caracol condos?

Raúl Barrera: The local government, the developers and some members of the Architects Association have been studying the possibility of modifying the project. We presented a proposal to the owners, and it did not seem bad to them. The height was reduced, and now it will have terraces. Originally, the building was to be 20 meters high and 74 meters wide. With these terraces the height will be cut almost in half. Currently, we are in the last stage of acceptance by the developers.

JI: Will the façade be complementary to San Miguel’s architectural style?

RB: Yes. It will break completely with the style of the original project. We are trying to do our best so this project will be worthy of San Miguel. Five main architects worked on the project and another 15 were involved. We want to give an appropriate response to San Miguel residents, and we will be ready by January 15. On January 10 we have a meeting with the mayor and the developers to reach a final agreement. Right now, work on the condos is suspended.

JI: Have any residents attended meetings with the mayor and the developers?

RB: No. Unfortunately, some people are just ranting and defaming the hard work we are doing. They do not even know about the great effort we are making to change the construction as a result of public outcry. They just talk and say nonsense instead of helping.

JI: Can residents participate in these meetings?

RB: Yes. They can contact the mayor or the developers. I would like to add that we are in good shape for solving things favorably. Be assured that we will create an architectural design in accordance with San Miguel’s character, one that will enhance and integrate into that completely abandoned area.

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