viernes, 12 de enero de 2007

Cartas al Editor Atención San Miguel


I learned with dismay about Bold Mountain Development’s project to convert one of San Miguel de Allende’s most beautiful parks into a “bald mountain” by cutting more than 200 healthy and beautiful trees. The area in question is the only remaining preserved land of what once was a beautiful orchard. Greedy developers have destroyed most of the area and turned it into an ugly desert. Now, Bold Mountain intends to follow their example and kill whatever is left of the environment.

I appeal to Bold Mountain’s sense of decency and imagination as real estate developers. You can make a beautiful multimillion-dollar residential development by exploiting the trees instead of destroying them. An area with shady green parks and gardens will attract a lot more attention from wealthy prospective buyers than a high-density development that resembles low-income housing in a concrete jungle. By preserving the environment you actually give more value to your investment.

You also need to consider your long-term prospects. You can be an example of sustainable development in one of Mexico’s prime real estate markets or you can kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by making the town look like a slum.

If you act with responsibility, the residents of San Miguel will welcome you and help you be successful. If you come just to make a fast buck, we will fight you at every step and tell you: “Gringo, go home and cut trees in Aspen, Colorado—not here.”

Rodrigo Treviño

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