lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

Sobre la nueva bodega Aurrera

I have not visited the new Bodega store...and have no comment to make about the quality or prices found there. What I do know and have been horrified by has to do with the personnel practices of the new employees.

My maid's son (who has three little children) has been "in training" with 300 or so other prospective employees for almost three months. None of the "trainees" has been paid a dime during this time. They have been expected to work very long hours and provide their own meal.

They have been told that around half of the trainees will be let go by the end of November. (The last Atencion said there would be 165 permanent employees.)

They have also been made to understand that the typical salary for each two weeks will be 1,000.pesos. .. a pittance.

It is hard to imagine a worse situation for those who have endured the sacrifice of working without pay for three months on the chance that they will be chosen to work for slave wages. Even worse is the on going anxiety all face not Christmas arrives...whether they will have employment or matter the wage.

I consider this situation totally unacceptable from a human rights stand point. Especially since it is occurring under our noses in our beloved San Miguel.

I don't know what can be done about this...but if anyone knows more about this than I have described... or knows what we might do to stop this inhuman situation... please write me off list.


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Anónimo dijo...

Pero gracias a nuestras autoridades que quieren ver convertido a san miguel de allende en unpueblo de los estados unidos cualquiera, ahora tambien veremos cuantos pequeños negocios se cerraran, por que tal parece que los comerciantes de sna miuguel de allende son el enemigo a vencer de la actual administracion y en especial de algunos de sus directores de departamentos.