martes, 26 de diciembre de 2006

Will San Miguel de Allende go the way of Acapulco?

By Whit Sanders
The spectacular views of the Bahía de Acapulco caused the international press of the 1950s to declare it 'The Most Beautiful Bay in the World'. We all know what happened since then. That incomparably scenic view has long since been completely sealed off by buildings, making the gorgeous bay view invisible to all except those who rent space in hotel rooms and office towers. Tragically, Acapulco and its once-pristine waters, are now internationally regarded by many as urban planning disasters and ecological wasteland. Travelers from the world over are regularly advised to steer clear of a ruined Acapulco and visit other places.

Conde Naste Traveler Magazine ranks San Miguel de Allende as the No. 1 city in the world for ambiance. Will local government be wise enough to protect and preserve San Miguel's precious ambiance, or as in Acapulco, will the personal ambitions and financial interests of a few be allowed to deprive countless future generations of visitors and residents of San Miguel’s unique, inspiring, “pueblo magico” sense of place?

With professional urban planners now meeting to discuss the future of San Miguel's development, can this critical public issue be addressed with wisdom and with an eye towards achieving the highest good for all?

Or will San Miguel de Allende go the way of Acapulco?
Whit Sanders is a Garden Designer living in San Miguel de Allende.

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Anónimo dijo...

yes mrs sanders san miguel its in the same way of acapulco but not only by the building of hight prices condos, but in the growing of vice and depravation in all the ways, just looking what is sorrounding the old san miguel twon a bunch of irregular colonies and most of the best comercial lands in the called libramiento own by tables dance and whores bars.
why people dont say anithing about it.
you agre the conde nest poll but its an old argument.
many people in san miguel dont whant to work as maids o gardeners we whant to have god paids jobs in our city, for us san miguel its not only a retirement place its our home.
please let us work for our future